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About Me

Last Updated: 03 February 2016

My name is Benedict and here is where I will tell you about myself. I am just a plain old local breed of a cat with nothing special in my blood line as I know. I was born in March 2006 where I met my current friend and roommate. I just happen to come across him while I was trying to get into the wrong house one day. I actually got lost and separated from my mother some how. He seemed to be an all right guy so I followed him to his home. At first he did not want me and was going to give me away to a friend, but at the last minute he decided to keep me and this is where my life really began.

My normal day usually starts at four in the morning when I wake up my friend to go outside to do my thing. But since I have my own door now, I don't have to bother him anymore. But I do on an occasion just to see me out. I then return home to have breakfast around six-thirty and afterwards I go out again to see a few of my cat friends and just do what normal cats do. One nice thing about living with my roommate, I can go and come as I please throughout the day. Then depending on what I am doing, I will take a nap anytime between eleven in the morning and four in the afternoon. Sometimes in or around the house depending on the weather because it does get hot here living near the equator. My dinner time depends on my roommate and will range between five to seven-o-clock in the evening.

On most days before or after dinner my friend and I play in the yard or will take a walk in the neighborhood until it gets dark. I do have a curfew when I have to be home. Some days I truly don't want to come in and do fuss a bit over it with my friend, but must be home and in the house by eleven PM. If not, my friend comes looking for me and is not happy when I don't come when he calls me. A few times I did not come and got punished for not listening and had to spend my time in the time-out room for a few hours. Then once I did not come home till the next morning and got grounded for a whole day and spent six hours in the time-out room. Since then I have been a good boy, scouts honor.

Finally, in the evening I will play with my friend for awhile, watch a bit of TV or just lay around till he goes to bed. This is how I usually spend my day but that's just the normal routine days.

Ah! You have caught me sleeping in my favourite chair. In fact, this one is inside the house and I have one outside as well on the patio to relax on. A rough life I live as you can see, but here are some of the other things I do that my cat friends don't do.

Besides me cycling around with my friend shopping, visiting friends and doing dinner at some of the open air food stalls. Here are some of the other things I have done.

  • April 2010 - Interviewed by a reporter from the local Chinese newspaper.
  • March 2009 - Visited The Bomba Station with the children from Sri Juara School.
  • September 2008 - Entered a Chinese Lantern Contest
  • August 2008 - I participated in the Kuching City Parade to celebrate Kuching's 20th Anniversary of being a city.
  • July 2007 - I participated in the Kuching City Parade to celebrate Malaysia's 50th birthday.
  • March 2007 - On my birthday went and visited the Cat Museum located in the Kuching North Municipal Building.
  • December 2006 - Made an appearance for photos at an education English and Math workshop for primary school children.
  • September 2006 - I participated with the Kuching City Hash Group on A River Conservation Safari.
  • July 2006 - I went Mountain Biking with the Kuching Bike Hash Group.

As you have read above, now you know why you see me taking a few winks in the picture above. While I participated in some of these events, I have missed my afternoon nap so I deserve an extra wink here and there.

I hope you enjoyed reading little about me and some of the things I do. You will find additional information on my adventures within the website. Then if you do have any questions you can just send me an e-mail.

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