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Benedict's 10th Birthday

Created: 13 February 2016 Last Updated: 08 April 2016
My Birthday Card Birthday Greeting


Happy 10th Birthday What a surprise my friends had for me on a Sunday evening. My friend said lets go for a walk but I was not that interested and just wanted to lay around on the chair. So he pick me up and put me in my bike carrier and we left. I was wondering where we were going and noticed we started to walk along the main highway but in the opposite direction that we usually go when cycling. We passed the Giant Hyper-Market and some more shop-houses and then we entered a restaurant called Razzmatazz. Here my friend's surprised me with a Birthday Party a day before my actual Birthday this content. Here are the pictures of this event:

Here are a few pictures of me with the Birthday gifts I received at the party taken on my Birthday the next day.

The last picture is me sacking out on the night of my Birthday and where I wanted to be in the beginning before all of the excitement started.

Here is the invitation that was sent out to my friends. Invitation

Link to Benedict's Birthday Video

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