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Last Updated: 30 March 2016
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Hi, I'm Benedict and still laying around on my friend's desk where all the work is being done for this website. I truly don't know where I was going with this site before as well as now, but do believe it will be fun for me as well as you. The main focus is to share some of my adventures as well as promote a bit of Sarawak where I live. Then maybe, make a few dollars to support myself and my friends. So come along and join in on my adventures... This website is all about me and my adventures while living here in Sarawak and if you don't like cats this place is not for you. Or maybe you will learn to like us and along the way learn a little about Sarawak in the process.

As for my many human friends, they mention that I am different then other cats that they know or knew. Some even say I act more like a dog then a cat at times. But I can assure you, I am really a normal guy, doing things other cats like to do, but for some reason, I have been giving an opportunity to fulfil my potential. Now enjoy yourself and explore the site.

The About Me page is just that, who is that cat that has his own website. Then the Current News page is what I have been up to and pictures to prove it. Finally, the Feature page is where I have an article on one thing or another. The intent is to update the News and Feature pages on a periodically bases on what I have been doing. With that, don't forget to check in on me from time to time.

Available now is my new section called Touring with Benedict. I will be taking you on a brief tour of places of interest in and around Kuching. Places that make Kuching and Sarawak a nice place to spend some of your time whether one is on vacation or just want to take a little time out and relax. Don't wait and check it out now...

Finally, as the world globe is inscribed on one of my pictures above, "Thousands of Miles Apart and Friendship is all it takes to bridge the distance." I hope this Website can do the same and hopefully will catch up with you again in cyberspace...

Benedict Business Card

Being a cool cat as I am, what else could one have but his own Business Card. To download it Click Here Benedict Business Card. By the way if you need a secret word use my name.



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